Catillus Merit-based immigration



Company - BCN B.V. owns and operates website and service
Visitor - Person who visits the website
Client - Visitor who creates an account with company

1. General
1.1 BCN B.V. is an organization registered in the Netherlands.

2. Services
2.1. Website provides information on opportunities related to migration to the United States of America.
2.2. Client may determine his eligibility for migration based on the input provided.

3. Application
3.1. Client has the option to submit his application to the appropriate authority.
3.2. Immediately after purchase is authorized, the client's account is marked 'submitted'.
3.3. An application is submitted USCIS as soon as they are accepted.
3.4. Charges will be debited from client's debit/credit card in real time.
3.5. A cancellation of the purchase is accepted within 48 hours after the purchase.
3.6. Refunds can be awarded within six months after purchase.

4. Support
4.1. Maximum respond time for client queries via email or telephone is 48 hours.

5. Website
5.1 All materials, such as texts, graphics are licensed or owned by BCN B.V. It is not allowed to use or copy any of the materials from website without the explicit consent from BCN B.V.
5.2 Unauthorized use of the website is not allowed.

6. Safety
6.1 Website is secured by a valid security certificate.
6.2. Website places two 'cookies': One Google Analytics tracking cookie and one stateful cookie indicating whether or not visitor has previously registered; it does not contain login credentials. The Google cookie has a setting that renders the website visitor anonymous for Google's systems, therefore no consent is ask upon first entry to the website.

7.1. BCN B.V. makes a good faith effort to keep its website and resources available to visitors and clients. Because of technical issues or maintenance, the website may be unavailable for a limited period of time.
7.2 BCN B.V. is not responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, resulting from the use of this website, issued advise, or actions taken by BCN B.V. Any legal issues are handled solely by a court located in the Netherlands.