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Client - Person who requests to apply for a Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)
CIP country - Country for which the client applies for citizenship

1. General
1.1 BCN B.V. umbrella organization that owns and operates
1.3 Visitors are allowed to consult the information shown on the website.
1.2 Clients are guided in the process of acquiring citizenship in Europe.

2. Services
2.1 BCN B.V. accepts applications for citizenship in European countries.
2.2. After payment for its services is received, BCN B.V. will actively gather the necessary documents from client and judge if documents meet the requirements for citizenship set forth by the country for with citizenship will be requested.
2.3. When the conditions are met, the application will be forwarded to the appropriate Government agency, at the first possibility. When the government requires a local law office to send in documentation, BCN B.V. will work with such office. Additional lawyer fees may apply.
2.4. BCN B.V. checks the progress of the application and updates the client.
2.5. BCN B.V. receives a one-time, non-refundable application fee from client. All other financial transactions required will be directly between client and the appropriate agencies.
2.6. BCN B.V. makes a good-faith effort to make sure it complies with the rules and requirements set forth by the CIP country.

3. Website
3.1 All materials, such as texts, graphics are licensed or owned by BCN B.V. It is not allowed to use or copy any of the materials on this website without explicit consent from BCN B.V.
3.2 Unauthorized use of the website is not allowed.

4.1. BCN B.V. makes a good faith effort to keep its website and resources available to visitors and clients. Because of technical problems, the website may be unavailable.
4.2 BCN B.V. is not responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, resulting from the use of this website or issued advise, or actions taken by BCN B.V. Any legal issues will be handled by a Dutch court located, in the Netherlands.

5. Safety
5.1 All communications between client or visitor and the website is encrypted. Website is secured by a valid security certificate.