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Points-based immigration

In 1984 Citizenship by Investment was first introduced by Saint Kitts and Nevis. Many countries have followed suit since. A Citizenship by Investment Program is beneficial to both the issuing country and the investor. The issuing country receives investments and increased economic activity, the investor receives an additional citizenship without losing the existing citizenship of his country of birth.

In times of political unrest, it makes good sense to have a second passport. Thousands of people buy a second citizenship every year for themselves and their family. Be part of this effluent and successful group of people!

Competitive programs

Acquiring a second passport was long thought of as an option only for the very wealthy. With programs now available, this is no longer the case. To submit an application, you only need to proof control over a certain amount of liquid assets, usually 100,000 euro. Conditions for investors have significantly improved over the years due to increased competition between countries that offer these programs.

An efficient process

Our company has an extensive background in providing immigration services. We operate as a liaison between you, the applicant, and government agencies handling the applications. We make sure your journey towards acquiring an additional citizenship is both smooth and cost-effective.

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