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The future of immigration is based merit-based!

The United States is moving towards the Merit-based system.


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Many economies face an increasing shortage in skilled workers.
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An increasing number of countries embrace merit-based, or points-based immigration.


The RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment) Act will replace the current immigration program. It is not yet knows when RAISE will come into effect. We do know there will be cap of 140,000 Permanent Resident Cards for each fiscal year

A work permit is issued to successful applicants. An existing job offer is not always required!

Am I Eligible?

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If you determined your eligibility level to satisfy the requirements as set out in the RAISE act, you may choose to book a pre-application. This means that we'll submit your request for a resident card as soon as this possibility is available. FAQ: How do you know which paperwork will be required?
We do not, authorities will ask for this later. Your spot will be reserved.

Opening an account is free of charge. If you decide to send in an application, there is a 19 Euro serice fee.

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If accepted by the immigration services, a work visa is issued to you by the consulate in your home country.

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